Commerce & Warehouse Management

VIRGA Wholesale

Cloud ERP for advanced procurement, distribution and warehouse management

VIRGA Wholesale successfully digitizes operations of wholesalers and distributors of merchandise in the HoReCa sector.

Purchasing and sales management

VIRGA Cloud application for wholesales distribution and warehouse management in industrial and commercial sectors brings evolving business features

  • Supply chain management
  • Sale and distribution conditions for Customers
  • Automated  shipping order, delivery list and invoice based on customer’s order
  • Warehouse management console and mobile applications for better communication flow and shipping status exchange
  • EDI system integration for exchanging orders, delivery list and invoices with customers and suppliers

Each distributor’s goal is to ensure the goods for their customers to be available, delivered on time and in good condition.

Fully integrated with our add-on module for advanced wearehouse management VIRGA WMS wholesale distributors will optimize storage processes and communication flows about incoming and outgoing shipping orders.

Why is VIRGA Wholesale Your best choice?

VIRGA Wholesale benefits

  • All-in-one Cloud platform for procurement, warehouse management and distribution
  • Unlimited number of warehouses and dislocated organizations
  • Central supply chain management
  • Integrated VIRGA Cloud WMS system for advanced warehouse management
  • Mobile applications for incoming shippings, intermediate storage, shipping and stocktaking
Evolve Your distribution potential

VIRGA Wholesale features

  • Wholesale specific item atributes and code list, documents, organizations
  • Procurement – Orders, asortiment plans
  • Stock level management
  • Customer contracts and sale conditions
  • Reporting system
  • Desktop and mobile applications for warehouse workers
Who is it intended for?

For growing businesses

  • Wholesale and distribution companies
  • Retail companies with logistic distribution centres
  • FMCG Production and distribution companies
What does VIRGA Wholesale bring to Your company?

Sustainable growth and business excellence

  • Fully and coordinated control over price and promotion conditions
  • Centralized supply chain managemet and distribution plan
  • Sales and Procurement analysis per sales operator, region and customer segments
  • Integrability with other add-on VIRGA Cloud applications for the sustainable development of your business
Take advantage of ur ready-to-use VIRGA Cloud applications

Add-on applications for VIRGA Wholesale







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Investment Management

Mobile Sale

Data Visualization



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