VIRGA Charter Management

Cloud application for growing Yacht Charter companies

VIRGA Cloud Charter Management is an application for yacht charter fleet management in nautical tourism.

Manage your charter business from everywhere.

Get rid of unnecessary steps, digitize your processes and grow even faster with the help of VIRGA Charter Management and Booking Manager.

VIRGA Charter Management will help charter companies to successfully manage the costs and revenues of the charter fleet and to simply report and invoice costs to the owners of the charter management vessels.

In collaboration with the leading yacht charter booking system “Booking Manager” of MMK Systems Ltd VIRGA Charter Management is a unique yacht charter business platform that integrates a sales-oriented online booking system and marketing module, advanced fleet management through a service tracking system, and an accounting and reporting system for maximum revenue control and expenses by ship, base or owner.

VIRGA Cloud Charter management application enables transparency and control of materials and services used during charter yacht vessel maintenance. All the data exchange between the yacht base and the accounting office is digitized and automated so the invoicing process is not time-consuming anymore, free of errors and communication issues.

Yacht base managers can independently perform day-to-day activities, purchase necessary material, record all services on the boat and easily exchange data with other dislocated yacht bases and head offices.

Integrated VIRGA Materials control mobile application for handheld scanners, in addition, made it easier for businesses to control stock level, reduce errors and  avoid overstock or lack of material.


Booking & Invoicing

Yacht charter inquiries and booking management. Invoicing and customer service.

Service and Maintenance

Charter boat maintenance and cost management.

Business Analysis

Advanced business analytics of revenue and costs.

Virga Accounting and Finance

Integrated systems with VIRGA Accounting & Finance for digitzed data exchange.

Why choose VIRGA Charter Management


  • All-in-one Cloud platform for unlimited number of boats and yacht bases
  • Yacht charter booking, boat service module, accounting and finance, personnel management and reporting
  • Central cost and revenue management
  • Central database and analysis
  • Integrated with Booking Manager of MMK Systems
  • Integrated VIRGA Materials control mobile applications
  • Data Visualization with integrated BI Power tool
Complete business support solution

Features You'll get

  • Resource list specific for Charter Management: Boats, Bases, Materials, Services
  • Charter contracts with owners with automated invoicing and reporting
  • Procurement Management
  • Warehouse management
  • Records of supplies and services done – work orders
  • Automated invoicing of fixed and variable services and supplies to owners
  • Integration with Booking Manager MMK Systems for data exchange –  final invoices, invoices for advanced payment,
  • Accounting and Finance, working hours and payroll
  • Profitability reporting system by different hierarchies: company, vessels, owners, base
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Additional benefits

Integrated Booking Manager application

One of the leading booking systems “Booking Manager” is integrated with VIRGA Finance application providing a highly specialized Cloud platform for Yacht charter businesses. If You are looking for a reliable solution for optimizing day-to-day processes and strengthen your position in the highly demanding yacht-charter market, VIRGA Charter Management might be Your way to go.

With VIRGA Charter Management Your positive business transformation is guaranteed through the automation of the booking process, vessel maintenace and automated data exchange betwen Your booking offices, yacht bases and accounting department.

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