Production and Resource planning

VIRGA Bakery

Helping You bring delicious food to Your customer’s tables

Created specially for producing and distributing bakery goods to wholesale customers or Your bakery shops, VIRGA Bakery will help You effectively manage your plant operations, procurement and increase revenue.

Cloud application that will

improve the way You work

VIRGA Cloud Bakery is an advanced software solution for bakeries that covers activities from production to sales in bakery stores and small bistros.  It’s a reliable and simple business application for an unlimited number of dislocated production facilities and bakery shops.

VIRGA Bakery allows employees better communication and business process efficiency.

You decided that it is time to improve and digitize Your production and sale process?

VIRGA Cloud Bakery is your first step in business transformation.

Why is VIRGA Bakery Your best business assistant?

Main benefits

  • All-in-one platform for purchasing, manufacturing, sales, accounting and reporting
  • It helps you manage the procurement and supply of raw materials and automatically creates production orders in accordance with the demand of wholesale customers and your bakery stores.
  • The raw materials that you have included in the recipe of your many types of bread, pastries and desserts will automatically update stock levels upon reporting the readiness of the product or upon confirmation of the quantities received from the wholesale customer or your stores
  • Cloud application for an unlimited number of sites and point of sales
  • Centralized cost and revenue management
Scale up with Cloud VIRGA Bakery solution

Main functionalities

  • Raw material procurement and production management in bakery business
  • Wholesale of goods and own products
  • Production and stock management
  • Retail and Commerce management im stores and bistros
  • VIRGA POS – advanced cash register
  • Accounting, finance and human resource management
Whom is ERP VIRGA Bakery intended for?

Bakery production sites, bakery and gourmet shops and bistros

  • Businesses that have one or more manufacturing facilities
  • Bakeries that supply their own shops and other business partner’s stores
  • Companies that want to centrally manage procurement, production and sales standards
  • Bakery companies that want to automate all transactions in the accounting system and daily track their business profitability
Use all the benefits ERP VIRGA is providing for Your business excellence!

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