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VIRGA POS application

An advanced cash register application and reliable store assistant to your sales staff in retail business.

Revenue focused POS application with integrated Loyalty program

VIRGA POS Application is localized for Croatia and the region representing a reliable assistant to your sales staff. With sales-oriented functionalities, the VIRGA cash register application is very easy to use.

We have accelerated the sales process at the check-out and enabled Your staff to be more focused on communication and customer care. Automated promotions and integrated loyalty program Hatch! will help keeping Your customers happy and visit Your stores more frequently.

Temporary interruption of the Internet connection does not affect the cash register – you can continue to issue invoices, refunds and replacements, cash transaction control for tax purposes and synchronization with the central base will be realized automatically when the connection is re-established.


You will maximize your customer’s shopping experience by combining various automatic discounts and promotions and benefits through digital loyalty programs, gift certificates and catalogue coupons.

Explore the VIRGA POS Stores

Find VIRGA POS in numerous retail stores for food, clothes, sport and hobby stuff in region.

VIRGA POS packages for Your quick start

Pre-installed VIRGA POS cash register integrated with the central VIRGA back office store management application


VIRGA packages created for Your business type

VIRGA POS is available for desktop and mobile devices to better suit your way of sale and billing process.

Highly satisfied customers and store stuff

Fast transactions without long lines will make your shoppers happy! Integrated customer rewarding system and numerous promotions at the same time will help your staff achieve excellent revenue results.

Why You should choose VIRGA POS

It will help increase Your store revenue

  • Automated promotions and special prices
  • Promotions mix and match
  • Digital rewarding system based on mobile marketing – mobile app and Loyalty Card
  • Gift cards
  • Integration with desk built-in scanners and scales
  • Price check point
  • Integrated with credit card terminals
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