Production and Resources planning

VIRGA Production

Digitize Your resources planning and production management with VIRGA Cloud

VIRGA Cloud Production is an advanced Cloud application providing a integrated set of tools to help companies plan, execute and track production outputs.

Which benefits is VIRGA Production

bringing to Your business?

Supply chain management of materials and tools
  • Procurement planning according to prepared – planned work orders
  • Contracts and pricing with suppliers
  • Central mapping of purchase requisitions for tools, materials and equipment from multiple production sites
  • Initiation of central procurement and supply of the plant with the necessary materials and equipment
  • Possibility of successive delivery of materials and services on order of suppliers
Production standards and components
  • Easy creation of technological components
  • Defining product design: raw materials, consumables, hours of workforce by crafts and working machines, external services
  • Customizing the component list when launching work orders and using alternative items
  • Print component document by production levels
  • Standardization of operating hours
  • Tracing products and production process according to LOT numbers
Calculation of direct and indirect costs
  • Tracking all direct costs per work order: the cost of operating people and machines, materials and external services
  • Monthly schedule and calculation of certain indirect costs through general ledger accounts (VIRGA Finance)
Work orders
  • Creating different types of work orders
  • Higher levels of superior work orders
  • Transfer of offer to work order
  • Launch work orders and status tracking
  • Correction of the quantity actually produced and the quantity consumed
  • Print a work order in the order of operations with the required materials
  • Print bar codes on a work order after each operation to automatically record progress
  • Automated dispatch of materials from raw material storage and production of invoices to finished goods warehouse
  • Monitoring of hours worked by operations and work orders
Launch production orders and track statuses
  • Console for launching work orders according to resource availability and delivery times
  • Automated recording of work order status and operations – paperless communication facility – project office
  • Monitoring the status of work orders and availability of resources
  • Tracking the quantities launched and delivered
Delivery and sales
  • Contracts and price lists with customers
  • Preparation of customers’s order and purchase order
  • Possibility of successive delivery upon customer’s order
  • Preparation of invoices according to the conditions from the customer’s order and the quantity produced
  • Tracking quantity differences ordered vs. delivered
Why choosing VIRGA Cloud Production for Your manufacturing business?

Main benefits

  • All-in-one platforma for Procurement, Production, Wholesale, Retail and different service providers
  • Cloud application for unlimited number of companies, production lines and point of sales
  • Centralized data base for tracking statuses and operational results
  • Integrated with and an advanced Cloud Accounting application VIRGA Finance
  • Console for automated recording of production status of hand-held scanners – paperless communication of the plant and the technological office
Whom is ERP VIRGA Production intended for?

For growing production businesses

  • Metal construction and machine building
  • Production site building
  • Shoe and Clothes factory
  • Bakery and Food production
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