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VIRGA Mobile Sales

Your mobile assistant for field sales operators.

Try this highly reliable mobile application for Android devices that optimizes the sales performance of field sellers and speeds up the journey from ordering to delivery and billing.

Excellent customer experience with mobile assistance for field salesmen

VIRGA Mobile Sales is a user-friendly sales assistant application helping salesmen to speed-up the delivery plan preparation, billing process as much as the processes of taking a new order from the customer.

All the data between the salesmen on the field and the company’s head office or warehouse are exchanged online. The salesmen finally get rid of time consuming paperwork, make less errors and can focus on the sale results and customer care.

For more complex businesses and delivery plans VIRGA Mobile Sales will help salesmen to get online customers’ orders and delivery plans on their mobile devices, previously prepared by the Sales department. With one click on the VIRGA Mobile Sales application these orders can so be easily converted into delivery lists or invoices, enabling field salesmen to be more productive and revenue driven.

Digital Sales Assistant for Your Field Sales

Features You'll get:

  • Product select list for orders, quotations, delivery lists and invoices
  • Create a customer quotation and customer order
  • Check-up Your stock level and the level in the central warehouse
  • Put options and reservations on stock items in the central warehouse
  • One-click invoice creation from customer’s order
  • Integrated with Cloud ERP VIRGA solutions for Wholesale, VIRGA Supermarket, VIRGA Sport & Fashion
  • Automated digital data exchange between field sale teams and head office
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