Tourism and Lodging industry

Cloud VIRGA Travel Agency

Bookkeeping for travel agencies

VIRGA Cloud Travel agency is a back office business application for travel agencies that organize events, tours, transfers and group trips.

Run Your travel agency and

tour organization anywhere, anytime

The goal of the VIRGA Cloud Travel Agency application is to facilitate the administration of the agency in creating and organizing travel packages containing numerous different services and products. The main goal of the application is to help agency employees to focus on the creativity and customer care while complying with all legal regulations.

The VIRGA Cloud Travel Agency back office application will make it possible to easily plan the costs and revenues of each package deal for each included service, calculate the expected margin rate and easily transfer data to the accounting system.

VIRGA Cloud Travel Agency is an business application your employees will use daily for administrating all revenue and cost inputs of a group tour package. Interconnected tools will provide owners, managers and associates with an outstanding business experience and business results in real time.

With the integrated VIRGA Accounting and Finance application just by a click of a button all the data are available in accounting books and financial reports.



Precise tour package calculations and invoices for foreign and domestic tour operators

Managing and Controlling

Managing information system for profitability control

Web shop integrations

Intergrated with online ticket sale system including automated invoicing and fiscalization procedure

Virga Finance

All-in-One Accounting system for finance, human resources and payroll management

Why is VIRGA Cloud Travel agency Your best choice?

Main benefits

  • All-in-one back office platform for travel agency operations, accounting, finance and human resources management
  • A Cloud application for an unlimited number of dislocated organizations and offices
  • Run Your travel agency from anywhere, anytime
  • Centralized  data base for all integrated modules
  • Reporting system in real time
Professional Customer Support

Features included

  • Recording and monitoring revenue and expenditure inputs per each tour package
  • Calculation according to PPO – Croatian special taxation procedure
  • Web shop integration – billing and fiscalization
  • B2B Invoicing for Tour Operators
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human resources and Payroll
Whom is ERP VIRGA Cloud Travel Agency intended for?

For growing Travel Agencies and Tour operators

  • For travel agencies and tour operators
  • Travel agencies that have a large number of calculations under a special taxation procedure
  • Travel agencies that deal with the sale and organization of excursions and events
  • Bookkeeping services specialized for businesses in tourism industry
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