ERP VIRGA Cloud industry specific solutions

Discover our ready-to-use VIRGA applications for your growing business


Business application for local and multinational stores


ERP system for advanced procurement and distribution of goods

Sport & Fashion

Business application for local and multinational stores for fashion, sports and hobby equipment.


Advanced Point-of-Sales application for store chains in Croatia and the region

Mobile Sales

Android application for optimizing field sales performances: customer’s purchase orders –  delivery plans – billing.


Ready-to-use Cloud application for resource planing, projects and production.

Production Light

Ready-to-use Application for simple production lines and service companies.


Cloud application for bakeries and distribution of bakery products.

Charter Management

Cloud application for Yacht charter management.


Business Cloud application for local diners, restaurants and bars.

Tourist Agency

Cloud application for Travel agencies organizing travel packages, events, trips and transfers.

VIRGA Hospitality

Cloud application for property management in the lodging industry.

Take advantage of our ready-to-use VIRGA applications

Add-on modules for all industries


Smart revenue plans and operational efficiency.


Operational efficiency with working hours records and payroll.

Bookkeeper office

Cloud application for bookkeeping service providers and tax advisers.

Investment plans

Cloud application for capital investment and maintenance management.

Procurement & E-bidding

Application for a modern workplace in the purchasing department.

Paperless business

Brings Your business savings in supplies, space and working hours.

Receivables management

Cloud application helping You manage Your receivables.

Property leasing management

Manage your office space and real estate leases.

VIRGA Reports

VIRGA Reports helps You monitor and analyze critical business data from various aspects.