VIRGA Food and Beverage

Opens the door of your restaurant in a few steps

VIRGA Food and Beverage is a business Cloud application for local restaurants, bistros & coffee shops.

Manage your facilities

from anywhere

Skip unnecessary steps, digitise your processes and grow even faster by means of VIRGA Food and Beverage application.

Designed for companies wishing to manage their purchases, kitchen operations and sale of a larger number of dislocated Food and Beverage facilities and keep up with current business results.

Cloud application VIRGA Food and Beverage will help you stay in touch with your business wherever you are.

We have created interconnected tools that will offer an extraordinary business experience to owners, operations managers and staff.

  • VIRGA F&B will help you achieve high operational efficiency of your restaurant, bistro or coffee shop.
  • The purchase orders will be accurate, receipts will be issued fast and in compliance with applicable laws.
  • You will be able to control your inventory of goods and inventory turnover from anywhere and achieve optimal management of all business processes.

Application features

Food and Beverage POS

Cash register program with integrable POS device, easy-to-use menu, food and beverage groups, shortcut keys, table layout, orders by table, fast registrations, cash payment control for tax payment purposes

Customer loyalty reward program

HATCH! A digital platform for collection of points and prize coupons for consumption at your facilities

F&B Manager

Cloud system for centralized management of F&B facilities, purchase, F&B preparation, I and consumption monitoring, pricelist management, statutory reporting.

Mobile reports

Track your inventory and stock turnover on your Android smartphone while on the move. Data available in real time – in the palm of your hand

Why choose VIRGA Cloud P&B

Key benefits

  • All-in-one platform for F&B purchasing, preparation and sale
  • Cloud application for an unlimited number of points of sale and payment collection
  • Centralised management of points of sale, purchase and sale terms and conditions
  • Centralised database and analysis
  • Integrated Hatch! digital loyalty program
  • Integrated mobile goods receipt application
  • Integrated ERP Finance solution for your bookkeeping
Full business support

ERP VIRGA F&B features

  • Raw material and ready-to-eat meal code lists,
  • Purchasing – purchase orders, receipts and back-shipments – reports
  • Inventory tracking – reports
  • Sales and payment collection – reports
  • VIRGA POS cash register
  • Stock taking
  • Reporting system
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Whom is ERP VIRGA Cloud Supermarket designed for?

For your growing business

  • For companies running one or more dislocated stores
  • For stores ordering the goods from suppliers and from a central warehouse
  • For store managers wishing to smartly manage the store product selection
  • For sale-oriented stores aiming at stock optimisation
Take advantage of ERP VIRGA potential for your growing business

Add-on Virga applications for VIRGA F&B


Loyalty Hatch!

Finance and Accounting

HR & Payroll


Mobile Stocktaking

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