Commerce & Warehouse Management

VIRGA Supermarket

Opens your store in just a few steps

Business Cloud application for supermarkets and local grocery stores to centrally manage their purchases, logistics and sales.

Manage your stores from anywhere

Skip redundant steps, digitise your processes and expand your business more quickly with VIRGA Supermarket Cloud application.

VIRGA Supermarket ensures transparency and remote business management for an unlimited number of dislocated stores, tracking direct purchases and revenues.

Your shops can independently carry out daily activities such as receive goods from suppliers, distribute goods to other outlets, track and optimise stock levels, print labels and track store results on a daily basis.

Your daily work is getting much easier by using handheld scanners and mobile VIRGA applications based on barcode technology to significantly reduce errors during busy days. It will help your employees speed up the process of receiving goods, stock control, warehouse organisation and POS promotions.

As a Cloud solution localised in 5* countries of the region, VIRGA Cloud Supermarket allows you to quickly expand your company nationwide and abroad. Let VIRGA Supermarket be your smart choice!

*Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro

Why VIRGA Cloud Supermarket


  • All-in-one Cloud platform for big retail chains or local stores
  • Cloud application for an unlimited number of shops and  points of sale
  • Centralized multi-store purchase and sale management
  • Centralized data base and real-time data analysis
  • Integrated digitized Loyalty program Hatch! based on mobile marketing
  • Integrated mobile applications for sales and warehouse management
Full business support

Features You'll have

  • Retail specific item attributes and code list, documents, organisations
  • Purchasing – Orders, product range plans
  • Stock level management
  • Retail prices and promotion management
  • Smart & autonomous VIRGA POS system
  • Advanced stock tracking and stocktaking
  • Labels and price tags
  • Reporting system
Is ERP VIRGA Cloud Supermarket the best choice for your business?

It's for growing businesses, for sure!

  • For companies with one or more dislocated stores
  • For stores taking the goods out directly from suppliers and / or from its own distribution centre
  • For store managers who wish to smartly manage daily operations and optimise stock levels for higher revenue
  • For revenue-oriented stores who wish to attract new customers and keep them coming back
Take the best for Your business

Add-on applications for VIRGA Supermarket

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Mobile Stocktaking

Procurement & e-Bidding

Oracle Data visualization

Oracle BI

Oracle EPM

Investment Management

Receivables management

Property lease management

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