VIRGA Investment Management

Advanced Cloud application for capital investment management and maintenance

Manage Your financial budgeting from anywhere

Skip unnecessary steps, digitise your processes and grow even faster by means of VIRGA applications.

Companies wishing to manage their capital investment budgeting and maintenance efficiently have chosen VIRGA Cloud Investments integrated with VIRGA accounting, finance and purchasing modules.

The goal of VIRGA Cloud Investments is to optimise available resources in routine and capital investments


  • We have enabled detailed planning and tracking of expenditures for a number of different investments by organisation and financing source
  • Contracting and procurement of necessary resources for investment is linked to the module VIRGA Public Procurement and Petty Purchase
  • Possibility of recording costs of external services, materials and own staff involved in relevant investments

Designed for growing companies who wish to manage properly their planning and implementation of current and cost-intensive investments by organisational unit or project and to respond timely to any divergence from plans.

The results of application of our ERP solutions include relief from excessive workload in order to increase profitability and operating income. We have improved the operation of key divisions of many renowned companies.


Budgeting and investments

Tangible asset construction and maintenance

Doing business in the cloud.

Key benefits of Cloud applications

  • Cost efficiency: Routine costs Routine costs correspond to actual needs of used licences and Cloud infrastructure, avoiding your expenditures for server equipment and labour for the respective maintenance.
  • Availability: Applications placed in the VIRGA Cloud are available to you from anywhere on a 24/7 basis.
Why choose VIRGA Cloud Investments

Key benefits

  • All-in-one platform for budgeting, budget rebalancing, change recording and investment status analysis
  • Cloud application for an unlimited number of companies, organisations and co-existing operators
  • Scalability of operator rights to data review and processing
  • Central data base and analysis
  • Integrated application for public procurement, e-bidding, accounting and finance
Full business support


  • Flexibility of monitored investment attributes (land, equipment, net and gross areas)
  • Electronic investment documentation archives (introduction of umbrella contract and subcontractors, record-keeping of offers, payment certificates, invoices, work orders)
  • Integration with accounting and payment transaction records
  • Tracking of the status of multiple purchase contracts by each investment and payments under the contracts
  • Reporting and analysis system with printout of orders, synthesised and analytical investment summaries by given criteria, investment printout by type, destination and work order type, possibility of listing by destination, type and work order.

ERP VIRGA Cloud Finance has been selected by more than 300 corporate users in Croatia and the region

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Trade and Warehouse Operations

Sales improvement and increased profitability in retail sale, wholesale and warehouse operations

Manufacture and Resource Planning

Explore our advanced application for increasing the profitability of manufacturing companies

Tourism and hospitality

Management of tourist activities, hotel chains, tourist accommodation capacities and offerings


Public Sector and Utilities

Advanced applications for utility company and public institution management

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Accounting and Finance

HR and Payroll

Procurement and E-bidding


Production Light

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Sport & Fashion

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