VIRGA e-Document Management

The first step towards digitization of operations, reduction of paper documents and maximum process optimisation

Manage your documents from anywhere


Skip unnecessary steps, digitise your processes and grow even faster with VIRGA applications.

Reduce your expenditures and increase the efficiency of office operations by more than 60%.

Digitisation tools ensuring savings of materials, business premises and time of your employees in a short term. Besides, the data from documents is available to you from anywhere.

ERP VIRGA paperless operation is a platform based on the global Paperless Office trend, encouraging digital transformation of company operations through automation of incoming and outgoing data processing.

ERP VIRGA CLOUD Finance has been designated for the territories of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro which will successfully support your expansion nationwide and abroad.

The results of application of our ERP solutions include relief from excessive workload in order to increase profitability and operating income. We have improved the operation of key divisions of many renowned companies.

It is designed for large, medium and small enterprises wishing to manage appropriately planning and implementation procedures of their organisational units and divisions and to timely forecast possible results.

Application features


Doc Doc C Document Management System – a system for digital document management, approval, receipt of metadata in the ERP system and digital documentation archives.


Invoice, as the most common document in the communication between customers and supplier, requires a particular attention and protection.
E-invoices integrated with VIRGA Cloud application support the possibility of transfer of e-invoices to companies subject to public procurement regulations directly from ERP VIRGA Cloud

Desktop Cloud application integrated with VIRGA Cloud application.


The most common method of electronic data exchange between two different entities and their respective ERP systems.
EDI - Online application and portal for electronic transfer and receipt of purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices and credit notes between an unlimited number of customers and suppliers.

Desktop Cloud application integrated with VIRGA Cloud application.

Why choose the VIRGA Cloud Platform

Key benefits

  • All-in-one platform for accounting and payroll management and analysis
  • Cloud application for an unlimited number of companies, organisations and co-existing operators
  • Scalability of the operators’ rights to data access and processing
  • A central data base and analysis

More than 300 corporate users in Croatia and the region have chosen ERP VIRGA Cloud Finance

Find out in which industries:

Trade and Warehouse Operations

Improvement of sales and increased profitability in retail and wholesale trade and warehouse operations

Manufacture and Resource Planning

Explore our advanced applications for increased profitability of manufacturing companies

Tourism and hospitality

Management of tourist activities, hotel chains, tourist accommodation capacities and offerings

Public Sector and Utilities

Advanced applications for utility company and public institution management

Use all the advantages of a ready-to-use VIRGA Application

Add-on VIRGA application

HR and Payroll

Finance and Accounting


Sport & Fashion


Charter Management


Production Light

VIRGA Bakery

Investment Management


Procurement and e-Bidding

VIRGA Hospitality

Lease Management

Payment Collection Management