VIRGA Payment collection management

Intervene efficiently and systematically and document the processes of collection of your receivables

VIRGA Payment Collection is a specialised Cloud application for companies wishing to intervene efficiently and systematically and document the processes of collection of their receivables from customers.

In addition to integral ERP VIRGA Finance, our corporate users involved in sale of goods and services to their customers have also chosen VIRGA Cloud Receivables Management application.

Without such an integrated system providing accounting solution, management of a large number of receivables and their collection is a pain-taking and demanding task.

VIRGA Cloud Receivables Management is a specialised business application for companies having a large number of business partners and a significant number of outgoing invoices allowing a credit period. VIRGA Receivables Management will through automated processes help sort out the partners with overdue receivables, generate an appropriate level of reminders and record the received payments through integration into the payment transaction records of the VIRGA Finance system.

Application features

Collection rules definition

Collected receivables reporting system adapted to desktop and mobile devices

Automated transfer of invitations to pay, reminders and supporting documents

Integrated with ERP VIRGA Finance payment transaction and accounting records

Use all the advantages of a ready-to-use VIRGA application

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