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Document Management System

Docdoc.C – Your Cloud assistant for document management



Advanced Cloud application for document digitization, task management, and online approval.

Manage your documents from anywhere


Digitise your business documentation by means of DocDoc.C Cloud application of our partner company Optimit and access it from anywhere, at any time.

Through integration with VIRGA Finance Cloud application, you can automate, speed-up and reduce errors in entering incoming and outgoing invoices into accounting records.

DMS DocDoc.C is designed for large, medium and small enterprises processing large amount of incoming and outgoing documents on a daily basis, wishing to automate digital circulation and approval and having more than one dislocated site exchanging documents and information on a daily basis.

Results of our own and our partners’ solutions include reduction of excessive workload with a view to increasing profitability and growth of operating revenues. We have improved the operation of key divisions of many renowned companies.

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Incoming mail

Task management

Data import to VIRGA ERP

Document organisation

Search by content

Digital archives



Document management

  • Import of a large number of documents by imaging or scanning
  • Coding of document by type
  • Metadata entry
  • Rules of document circulation by type
  • Summary of transaction history and reports
  • Document download

Task management

  • Rules of circulation and tasks by type
  • Ad hoc tasks
  • Group tasks
  • Task status review
  • Task approval and rejection

Content search

  • By document type and metadata
  • By document content
  • OCR
  • Simple and advanced filters
  • Favourite filters


Document upload

  • Scanning
  • Imaging
  • Drag & drop from computer
  • E-invoices
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Where time is money, efficiency is of essence. Find out DocDoc.C applying industries


Trade and Warehouse operations management

Improvement of sales and increase of possibility in retail sale, wholesale and warehouse operations

Manufacturing and Resource planning

Explore our advanced applications to increase the profitability of manufacturing companies

Tourism & Hospitality

Management of tourist activities, hotel chains, tourist accommodation capacities and offerings

Public sector and Utilities

Advanced applications for utility company and public institution management

Benefits of DMS DocDoc.C

Key benefits

  • Saving your time, space and paper consumption.
  • Contributes to document access safety and control
  • Facilitates access to documents from anywhere at any time
  • Automated digital document circulation among workplaces
  • Reduced data loss risk in case of disasters or accidents
  • Integrated with Cloud ERP VIRGA, e-Invoices, EDI and e-Archives

Optimize communication with your accounting service providers

  • With VIRGA and DocDoc.C identify the best accounting service provider, regardless of location
  • Automate document delivery to your accounting service provider in digital format and ensure timely access to your business results
  • Ensure traceability of delivered and approved documents for booking and payment
  • Avoid tabulated records of incoming mail and document status
  • Create digital document archives

Process your incoming mail expediently and efficiently

  • Save the time required for inserting comments and data copying in separate tables
  • By a single entry of documents, prepare them for approval and acceptance by the accounting department
  • Search the documents by content at a single Cloud location and track the transaction history

Focus on document accuracy and confidentiality protection

  • Availability: DocDoc.C Cloud-based application is available on a 24/7 basis from anywhere
  • Cost-efficiency: Routine costs correspond to the selected package and number of users
  • Role assignment: Possibility of defining the right of access and processing of certain document types
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