VIRGA Human Resources and Payroll

Improve your operational efficiency with advanced Cloud application for HR record-keeping and payroll accounting. Designed for large, medium and small enterprises wishing to maximally automate their HR records and payroll accounting.

Make your operations more expedient and efficient with integrated ERP solution for accounting, finance and payroll operations.

The objective of ERP VIRGA Cloud HR and Payroll system is to transform the accounting department into a department of business and consultancy competence.

We have eliminated unnecessary steps and expedited accounting operations related to payroll accounting, payment of salaries and their recording.

You are also invited to eliminate unnecessary steps, digitise your processes and grow even faster by means of VIRGA applications.

By role assignment, manage your HR records smartly from anywhere.

  • With VIRGA Cloud HR & Payroll any organisational unit can keep its own HR records separately
  • Cloud Worktime and Shift Schedule records by team, including integration with access control system
  • Centralised processing of closed records for payroll accounting

The results of application of our ERP solutions include relief from excessive workload in order to increase profitability and operating income. We have improved the operation of key divisions of many renowned companies.

Why choose VIRGA HR and Payroll

Key benefits

  • All-in-one platform for worktime, absence, payroll recording and preparation for payment transactions.
  • Cloud application for and unlimited number of companies, organisations and co-existing operators.
  • Scalability of the operators’ rights to data access and processing
  • A central data base and analysis
Full business support

Its functionalities include

  • HR data base
  • Working time records
  • Employment contracts and temporary service contracts
  • Automatic payroll accounting
  • Payment transfer generation
  • Employee performance assessment
  • Statutory reports
  • Integrated attendance control system

VIRGA Cloud Finance application
has been integrated with leading
Booking and Hotel PMS systems


VIRGA Cloud HR / Payroll
is an integral part of the VIRGA Cloud Finance System.

VIRGA Cloud Accounting is integrated with the best known applications in the tourism industry for the purpose of automatic receipt of data about

  • received and discharged goods and materials
  • completed sale and collected service fees

The receipts imply automatic recording in the PSR account and general ledger of the VIRGA system in accordance with previously agreed accounting rules.

ERP VIRGA Cloud Payroll has been chosen by a number of well-renowned companies.  

Find out in which industries:

Trade and Warehouse Operations

Improvement of sales and increased profitability in retail trade, wholesale trade and warehouse operations

Manufacture and Resource Planning

Explore our advanced application for increased profitability of manufacturing companies

Tourism and Hospitality

Management of tourist activities, hotel chains, tourist accommodation capacities and offerings

Public Sector and Utilities

Advanced application for management of utility companies and public institutions

Use advantages of a ready-to-use VIRGA application

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