VIRGA Warehouse management system

For efficient warehouse operations

This is an advanced Cloud application for warehouse management in manufacturing and trade industries.

VIRGA Cloud WMS optimises the performance of warehouse workers


VIRGA WMS is closely connected to VIRGA Wholesale module and supports the operation of VIRGA mobile applications for autonomous work of warehousemen, communication between the purchasing department and the warehouse, without unnecessary paperwork and oral communications.

VIRGA Cloud WMS ensures better control of received goods and top quality delivery services to your customers

The primary goal of any distributer, chain store and F&B facility supplier is to ensure timely delivery and quality of the goods received and delivered.

Fully integrated with ERP VIRGA system for trade and warehouse operations, VIRGA WMS will enable your competitive management of purchase and sale chain as well as optimisation of warehouse processes by application of modern technologies.

VIRGA Cloud WMS is designed for growing companies wishing to track delivery times and warehouse items, having different storage temperature ranges and wishing to speed up goods control and readiness for delivery as much as possible.

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What does this application


of warehouse space use by introducing warehouse positions


Less errors in goods receipt and delivery


A reduced number of operational steps in warehouse handling operations

Whom is VIRGA Cloud WMS designed for?

Just for you

  • Companies involved in wholesale and distribution of goods to chain stores and HoReCa industry
  • Companies supplying their wholesale centres and stores from a central warehouse
Full business support

Its functionalities include

  • Tracking of pre-notified arrival of incoming goods, goods received, control, interim storage, write-offs and delivery
  • Stock on hand control by warehouse location and shelf life
  • Preparation of transport vehicle loading plans by the type of goods and sequence of unloading – for delivery or distribution to other locations
What does VIRGA WMS bring to your business?

Being a step ahead

  • Control of incoming goods and their delivery
  • Optimised warehouse capacity and operations handling
  • Efficient communication between purchasing and sales department and the warehouse
  • Information on incoming goods, packing and conditions of shipment available in real time
Additional benefits

VIRGA WMS system is used by purchasing department operators in charge for arrivals to and deliveries from the warehouse as well as by warehouse workers who via WMS desktop console track pre-notified arrivals and receive shipping orders from the purchasing department.

With a standard WMS desktop console used by warehouse workers it is possible to use VIRGA WMS mobile application.

VIRGA Cloud WMS for easier transfer of information about pre-notification of incoming goods and customers’ purchase orders

  • With WMS console and / or mobile application, warehouse workers simply track active customers’ purchase orders and arrival of goods pre-notified by the respective supplier
  • Allocation of active orders by operator including the tracking of goods ready for delivery, received or delivered goods

VIRGA Cloud WMS for goods quality preservation, transport cost and delivery time optimisation

  • VIRGA WMS supports groupage transport by location including truck loading plans by the type of goods and sequence of unloading

With VIRGA Cloud WMS – fast and simple stock-taking

  • Ad-hoc stock-taking by location are fast and simple and ensure optimisation of stocks and fast handling for interim storage and delivery
  • It is possible to carry out automatic write-offs of damaged goods

VIRGA Cloud WMS functionalities

VIRGA Cloud WMS Backoffice

  • Code list of items with warehouse attributes
  • Code list of warehouse types, positions and operators
  • Code list of means of transport and routes
  • Automatic generation of delivery orders in accordance with customer’s purchase order
  • Tracking the delivery orders with item details, quantity, weight, operators
  • Automatic transmission of notice of arrival of goods from the relevant supplier as per the purchase order submitted to the supplier
  • Inventory review – searching by group of goods, item description, code, warehouse position


VIRGA Cloud WMS Warehouse dashboard

  • Summary of work orders for packing, loading and unloading
  • Entry of goods, quantities according to work orders for packing, delivery, back-shipment and write-off
  • Link to warehouse documents – receipt notes, delivery notes, write-offs and back-shipments


VIRGA Cloud WMS status reports

  • Warehouse stock
  • Itemised delivery reports
  • Aggregate delivery reports sorted by document, customer and destination
  • Deliveries by day
  • Outstanding purchase order details, by destination and product
  • Stocktaking results by product, quantity (Excel)
  • Control reports
  • Overseeing the arrivals
  • Detailed write-off summary including product description
  • Unprocessed WMS documents (outstanding shipping, unloading, back-shipping orders)

VIRGA WMS mobile application (optional)

  • Tracking of open orders for unloading, packing and products in the unloading zone
  • Open work order take-over
  • Goods scanning, work order deletion and cancellation, conclusions
  • Goods scanning, Lot No. and shelf life entering
  • Stock-taking
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