Production and Resources planning


Production Light

Cloud based ERP system for small manufacturers and craftsmen

VIRGA Cloud Production Light is an easy-to-use application for manufacturing companies and small craftsmen handling their day-to-day operations, purchase and distribution anytime, anywhere.

Why is VIRGA Cloud
Production Light Your ERP of choice?

Key benefits

  • Easy start-up with intuitive application screens
  • All-in-one platform for purchasing, manufacture, wholesale, retail sale of products and services, inventory
  • You can manage your business from any location
  • Possibility to increase the number of production sites, warehouses or operators
  • Possibility to supplement the system with the accounting module VIRGA Cloud Finance for your bookkeeping
Whom is VIRGA Cloud Production Light designed for?

For small manufacturers and craftsmen

  • Repair shops for devices, machines and vehicles
  • Smaller manufacturing craftsmen

Which operational challenges can be solved with

VIRGA Production Light?

Code list
  • List of resources, products, services and materials
  • Resources: human resources, machines, materials
  • List of partners – suppliers and customers
  • Other master data
  • Reports
  • Orders, receipt list, calculations
  • Import
  • Accounting reports
  • Offer
  • Invoicing and billing
  • Advanced payments, delivery lists
Work orders
  • Creating work orders for an unlimited number of products
  • Recording of operations
  • Issuance of materials per work order
  • Bookkeeping reports
Stock levels
  • Tracking material levels in warehouses
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Stocktaking lists
  • Accounting reports
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